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Blekinge Pike Festival and season continues!

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  • Blekinge Pike Festival and season continues!

    October is here and we've got a couple of more weeks where our boats are more or less fully booked. Later in October we still have availability for fishing packages, day rentals of boats, guided trips etc. And to be honest, I believe fishing is just getting better when temperatures drops more.

    Last weekend the annual pike fishing competition Blekinge Pike Festival was arranged. This year there was also a team competition where 67 teams competed together with hundreds of individual competitors. I teamed up with my friends Martin & Jörgen in Team Ram Mounts Nordic. Conditions were tough but fortunately our plan worked out pretty good and we ended up in 2nd place. We were in the lead 3/4th of the competition but came out six centimeters short in the end. Our former colleague Willy also did well and his team Karlskronafiske ended up in third place. Good results!

    The biggest pike caught in the competition was 110cm but only two pikes over the 100+ margin was reported over two days so obviously fishing was difficult for everyone.

    In the last few weeks I've had many guided trips on my schedule. Half day, whole days.. Sunny, windy, cloudy, cold, hot, low water, high water... We've experienced it all over the last few weeks. Mostly, we've had quite good results. This week I've been out Monday with one guest and had 26 pikes in the boat in a full day (8hrs) trip. Tuesday gave 19 pikes in a full day with two guests.

    This weekend we'll have all our boats out on the water with guests coming from Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Ukraine and Germany.

    Current weather in Karlskrona
    Air temperature daytime: 8-10 degrees
    Air temperature night time: 2-5 degrees
    Water temperature: 10-12 degrees
    Water level: +50cm

    And hey! Don't forget about our photo competition! December 1st we will announce three lucky winners so please send your best photos from your stay this year at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing. There's a very good chance to win! Send pictures to

    Best regards,

    //Daniel Wickman

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