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2018 - Scania Lake , Södertälje - Fishing with 4 great friends

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  • 2018 - Scania Lake , Södertälje - Fishing with 4 great friends

    Crazy weather in Sweden ( same everywhere in Europe) me and good friends are due to meet on a Thursday at the local Lake to me from my work at Technical Design Centre of Scania Trucks and Bus.
    Jimmy Kungsman and Percy Bistram from the Trosa SFK with Matts Larsson and Johan Tikkanen from the MAU Match group my Swedish club were all in attendance and great to meet up again after some 5 years apart.
    The weather was with ominous caution as predicted Lightening and Thunder in the area could ruin the sport , or not ? Anyway as the 14:00 pm meeting time neared the clouds became darker and the sky was treated to a lightening show with deep rolling thunder then the monsoon rain came ! Well thinking the day was cancelled the rain ceased after 30 minutes so i made my way to the Scania lake just 1.5 km away and there the boys were waiting and sheltering . We all stood around and talked about what to next but as that was declared there was a break in the weather and we decided to set up 5 in row and give it a go . Whilst setting up the sun desperately tried to emerge and the atmosphere gave it a sauna feel and i was just dripping sweat even before plumbing the peg !

    Left to right it as Jimmy - Johan - Percy - Mats - Phil

    Plumbed up and i was in deep water and was forced to fish a top 5 when normally in the pegs to my left top 4 is the depth.

    The venue - Scania Lake - Free fishing

    Set up and ready to go

    I started with 3 balls of VDE Breme laced with Hemp and some corn. Using a SENSAS Jean Francois 18 2.0 gr 0.15/0.12 to Sensas 3405 16 .
    Had a shorter area of 4 metres and placed just the one ball there.

    Start !

    1st cast Large Roach and next 7 casts all Roach
    Broke the mould and took a skimmer then went quiet (Bream moved in after 15 minutes) Then i took 3 Bream on the bounce (2.5 - 3.0 lbs) My hands were all snotted up and the Wasps were bugging me big style ! Carried on catching but fishing on top 5 made my fish extraction slower to the shallower pegs to me left so i started to bring them close on a top 4 and it worked and i took several large bream in last 30 minutes .
    We all fished about 4 hours and the results were astonishing as we estimated we had greater than 80 kilos and maybe close to a 100 kilos between us .

    Mats busy all night

    Percy - 2 of his best out of a bulging net

    Nice 2. kilo fish

    Loved the bagging

    Jimmy in the corner bagged incessantly and brought a shore some 45 kilos

    John caught on slider and had double figures .

    Great match lake that could take 100 pegs easy

    Great afternoons fishing with great Swedish mates - it doesn't get much better .

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