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40-45 gr. jig rod?

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  • 40-45 gr. jig rod?

    Good evening

    Im looking to buy a haspel-rod dedicated for fishing 12-14 cm. jigs with 15-25 gr. jig heads.

    A rod around 7,6-8 feet with a casting Weight up to 40-45 gr.
    I right now use a Abu Garcia EON 8' 12-42 gr. for this, and its a decent rod, but i want a more sensitive and responsive rod.

    The Shimano Stradic 7,10f 12-42 looks interesting, but i dont like the Shimano Sustain that i owner and im afraid it reminds of me that blank.

    Im also looking at the Abu Garcia Zenon 8feet 8-40 gr. ane Abu Garcia Spike Pro 10-40 gr., but im not sure if i like the ABU rods alot, but there isnt many other options as i see it.
    I dont normally like the Westin rods, and find Them overpriced, but they make some rods with the right specs at least.
    I also owned the Sportex Absolute NT, and didnt like that one either.

    I really love the Shimano Zodias, Expride and Poison Adrena, but they dont come as heavy as i need for this. Already own the Expride 7' 7-30 gr., and its close to be heavy enough, but a bit to soft and a bit to short.
    The Daiwa Prorex AGS are also rods i like alot, but they are not produced with the specs i look for in this rod.

    Maybe some other rods classified 32-35 gr. could be strong enough?
    Im not afraid to cast a 25 gr. jighead with a 17 gram jig on a 32 gr. rod if it have a super fast and stiff backbone.

    Do you guys have any suggestions or inputs?

    Thanks in advance!
    Senast ändrad av Daiwox; 2023-11-13, 22:20.

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    Check out Sportex Absolut rods.


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      Westin w4 finesse shad 7,6 12-38 g.

      Will probebly upgrade to this myself, i have the lighter one and love it. Have several 5+ zander on it and biggest 9,485 kg. Nice backbone but feeling the same as you 14 cm shad with bigger head need some more casting weight.






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