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2019 - Aylestone River Friday 27th December

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  • 2019 - Aylestone River Friday 27th December

    Took advantage of decent weather (at least no rain) to get a practice in ready for Sundays WIGSTON AC match switched from the canal because of poor form at the moment .

    Early morning decided look at the Dog Kennels end of the match course and found there to be quite a few fish topping which bode well for the days work .

    I decided to fish opposite the new development at the St Andrews FC car park . Previously the peg was covered in trees hanging out in the water but its still wide enough to fish 13 meters and further the left at least 14.5 metres .

    However i decided to fish 3/4 over just where the river slowed down and it appeared it was free from snags .

    I have set up a various amount of gear : Pole feeder , 2gr bolo on 8 metres whip , top5 long line 5 BB stick , 3gr EXNER-Delta flat float , MAS-CL 0.75gr on a top 5 .

    I cannot go into too much detail but i ended up with 11roach for about 3.5lb . Its expected the river will be at least 3 inches down by Sunday so with no over night frosts it will be perfect .

    40 plus anglers on this match on Sunday and expect Bream , Big perch and maybe Chub and Carp to play a part in the top returns . Plenty of Roach , Skimmers and Dace to be add .

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