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Pikefishing in Ivösjön?

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  • Pikefishing in Ivösjön?

    Good evening...

    Me and a fishingpartner has booked two 3-Day trips to Ivösjön.
    3 days in late september and 3 days in mid october.
    We havent been fishing in Sweden before, so we dont know if we should focus on finding the Right kind of weed, focus on just putting in massive hours in the pelagic zone, or What is the right tactic for this kind of water.

    Our goal for the trip is just to enjoy the Nature, spend alot of time on the water and catch a fish as Big as possible.
    We only wanna go to this Lake to catch a Big pike or two, and dont expect many bites!

    I would like some kind of ‘stories’ from the Lake, or some advice on What kinda fishing YOU do on the Lake.
    Not interested in specific places on the Lake, just some general advice

    thanks in advance!



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