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2019 - Charnwood League no.3 - 13th October.

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  • 2019 - Charnwood League no.3 - 13th October.

    Match no.3 of the Charnwood league and with the river sections back in , just ! ........ how will the day pan out as already its full-on rain for the day itself . As per usual the Bennetts boys are ready to assist the draw as we all eat our breakfast baps with two pieces of bacon this time

    The day started badly as the Deeps end at Pillings lock as the entry gate to the field was locked yet it was freely open the evening before as one of the lads pegged the section out . Investigations to why that is are underway.

    Also this day the Glebe street section was a problem due to parking and some of the anglers were parked as instructed yet received fines . I have contacted one of the anglers and will pursue the council to understand their reasoning when the sign clearly stated restriction on a Monday to Saturday basis . We shall place an appeal .

    At the Deeps end David Revill of SAS took the top honours with a Individual river 2nd position and a handsome catch of 22-3

    MAS BLUE Jarred Toone with 2nd in section 13-14 , John Lock of Colmic Soar tackle taking the section with 18-1

    MAS - RED Mick Carr with 4-1

    On the Sutton length to the right of the Lane Joe Oakes of Colmic Wigston dominated with a great catch of roach on the hemp . 10-4

    Left hand section and here Kev Hales bringing his section winning 8-6 to the scales
    2nd in section was MAS- RED John Shuter with 8-2

    Kev Hales of SAS 8-6

    Back at the HQ and the 22 prize monies were dished out

    Thomas Boyce MAS - Blue 1st in section with 6-12

    Albion peg 6 for MAS - RED David Mellors with 7-14

    HUGE ! catch of Big bream for MAS-RED Martin Jacques top river individual winner on the Greens with 41-11 of peg 5

    Winner of that section was Wayne Hammond of COLMIC Wigston with 14-4

    Second in section went to MAS - Blue Ian Baker 11-4

    Current standings

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